One of the great pleasures of academia is working closely with students; both the student and the supervisor learn from each other. I am in the process of submitting a grant (or two) that could accommodate exceptionally good candidate in fully-funded PhD student positions. I am also happy to support a student-led proposals for grants either at UmU's Grad. School or WASP.

Available Projects

If you are reading this in the academic year 2022/23 and interested in doing your final-year or masters-level project with me, please get in touch! In addition to the projects below, I am happy to consider student-brought ideas.

MSc / MS / MA

Mental models of automatic moral decision making

HCI, cognitive science, moral reasoning, applied philosophy

This work is a continuation of Wilson & Theodorou 2019. It will involve the development of a VR simulator and running of relevant experiments.

BSc / BA

 Graphical display of hierarchical norms

HCI, UX, HCI, systems AI, transparency

Using Value-Sensitive Design, one can break high-level abstract socio-ethical values into concrete norms by producing a hierarchy of norms. This project looks into such a hierarchy can be effectively visualised. Ambitious students can look into extending this work by introducing provisions for real-time transparency of normative agents.

Supervision Experience

PhD Students

Research Assistants

MSc Students (Umeå)


  • L. Methnani, , (next: PhD at Umeå with me!)
  • K. Holmberg, (next: Spotify)
  • R. Lindgren,  (next: RISE)
  • M. Byrd Victorica  (external co-supervisor), (next: PhD at KTH)

MSc Students (Bath)


  • H. Wilson (next: PhD at Bath)
  • A. Rotsidis (next: EngD at Bath)

BSc Students (Umeå)


  • R. Elfström
  • J. Byström
  • E. Fahlstedt
  • F. Bäckström
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