As a learner myself, I have been enjoying teaching and try to keep a 25% of my time spent on teaching-related duties. Nowadays, I mostly teach final-year and graduate-level students AI. Since January 2022, I have been running my department's MSc degree project (dissertation) courses. In this page, you will find a brief listing of the courses (or units in the British academic lingo) that I have participated in. If you are thinking of doing a degree project with me, please see this dedicated page about that.

Umeå University, Sweden

Course responsible (examinater)

Duties involve coordination of other teachers, management of course (e.g. rooms, times, etc), delivery of lectures, creation of exam and assignment material, and coordination and participation in grading. 

In degree project courses, duties extent to the allocation of supervisors.

  • Degree Project: Master of Science (two years) in Computing Science.(2022-)
  • Degree Project: Master of Science (one year) in Computing Science. (2022-)
  • Degree Project: Master of Science (one year) in Computing Science with specialization AI. (2022-)
  • Artificial Intelligence and Society: on the legal, ethical and societal aspects of AI, 3 ETCS, WASP & WASP-HS Grad school course (2022-)
  • ELSEC – Ethical, Legal, Social, Economic and Cultural Aspects on AI ( an AI Competence Sweden course), 3 ECTS (2022-) with V. Dignum as co-responsible


Duties involve delivery of lectures and creation of exam material. 

  • AI Methods and Applications.(2021-) with O. Ringdah as course responsible

University of Bath, UK

Head Tutor

Duties involve assignment creation and coordination of marking efforts

  • Intelligent Cognitive Control Systems (2016-18) with J J. Bryson as unit coordinator
  • Principles of programming 1  (2016) with R. Hourizi as unit coordinator
  • Principles of programming 2 (2016-17) with R. Hourizi as unit coordinator


Duties involve tutorials (or other lab demonstrations) and grading assignments

  • Principles of programming 1. (2015) with R. Hourizi as unit coordinator
  • Databases (2017) with  M. De Vos as unit coordinator

University of Surrey, UK

Lab Demonstrator

  • Artificial Intelligence. (2015)
  • Data Structures and Algorithms. (2015)
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